Build with Purpose | Real Estate Services
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Real Estate Services

At Build with Purpose, we recognize that nonprofit organizations with vast experience in delivering social services often lack the expertise to make shrewd but necessary real estate decisions. To meet this need, Build with Purpose provides an array of holistic real estate services to help organizations develop high-quality real estate projects.

Real Estate Services

Real estate projects can be complex endeavors involving finance structuring/refinancing, construction oversight, municipal approvals, and other challenging tasks. As both a consultant and a developer, Build with Purpose functions as the team leader and coordinator, meeting regularly with clients, assembling data, managing project professionals and determining the project schedule.

Real Estate Planning

  • Assessment of Needs
  • Budget Preparation/Analysis
  • Affordability Analysis
  • Site/Project Identification and Analysis
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment

Direct Development

  • Acquisition
  • Construction
  • Leaseback of turnkey properties


Interested in our real estate services? Contact any of our capable staff members for more information.

Project Management

  • Financing/Funding Identification
  • Preparation of Financing/Funding Application
  • Identification of Project Team
  • Contract & Finance Negotiation
  • Property Management Planning
  • Budget Oversight
  • Financing/Funding Requisition & Reporting
  • Project Administration