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Nonprofit Office Centers

Schools and Community Facilities
About This Project


Given the challenges that nonprofits face in finding high-quality and affordable space, Build with Purpose added the creation of nonprofit centers to our real estate portfolio in 2010. Nonprofit centers are facilities that house multiple nonprofit organizations in the same physical site and provide affordable workspace, shared meeting and common space as well as shared resources and services. They also provide an opportunity for nonprofits to collaborate and partner on new initiatives.

The Metuchen Nonprofit Center, 224 Main Street, Metuchen, NJ

The Metuchen Nonprofit Center opened in May 2010 with Build with Purpose and two other nonprofits- Literacy New Jersey and Women Helping Women – sharing space in the same building.  Located at 224 Main Street in Metuchen, the facility includes individual office space for the nonprofits as well as shared space including a conference room, a lounge area and a kitchen. Shared resources include printers and photocopiers, administrative staff and volunteers.  Build with Purpose is working to create nonprofit centers in other areas in New Jersey. As one of the first nonprofit centers in New Jersey, Build with Purpose is proud to lead the way and to allow our own experience to shape the way we develop nonprofit centers in the future.

Benefits of Nonprofit Centers

  • Affordable space and financial stability with respect to real estate costs;
  • Lower overhead costs;
  • Collaborative space;
  • Shared services;
  • Shared resources;
  • Increased visibility;
  • Opportunities for partnerships and new initiatives;
  • Enhanced operations;
  • Building capacity for the nonprofit sector; and
  • Operational cost savings.