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  • Hold the Fries: USDA Proposes New Guidelines for Healthier School Lunches

    Posted on January 13th, 2011 pankaj No comments

    A recent AP article talks about the Department of Agriculture’s efforts to better school lunches by implementing new meal guidelines that will add more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These changes will apply to meals subsidized by the federal government and will also require schools to cut sodium in meals by half and serve low fat milk. This announcement comes a few weeks after President Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which helps schools pay for healthier meal options. Some of the points of the proposal include:

    • Establishing the first calorie limits in school meals.
    • Banning most trans fats.
    • Incrementally increasing the amount of whole grains required with the goal of having all grains be whole grains.
    • Improving breakfasts by having schools serve a grain and protein.

    Some critics say it will be hard-pressed for schools, already strapped for cash, to pay for these new measures, but Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says these items are necessary in order to curtail the rise of obesity in the nation’s kids. Said Vilsack:

    If we don’t contain obesity in this country it’s going to eat us alive in terms of health care costs.

    Click the link above for more on the USDA proposal.

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