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  • Local Chefs Get Involved in Healthy School Lunches

    Posted on August 12th, 2010 Build with Purpose No comments

    USA Today ran a piece earlier this week which discusses how local chefs are helping their school districts introduce nutritious meals and ingredients into their lunch and breakfast programs. This is all part of Michelle Obama’s broader Let’s Move campaign to end childhood obesity and the chefs definitely see the need to provide better options for kids. Chef Tony Geraci, director of food and nutrition at Baltimore City Schools, says:

    It’s time for Americans to “start doing right by our children” by serving them better food at school so they can be successful and healthy and live long lives. Kids can’t grow and thrive if they are being fed by a “chicken nugget factory.”

    Geraci and other chefs try to introduce fruits, vegetables and grains in a way that’s exciting to kids. And they use their background in culinary arts to make the meals more presentable on the plate, which draws attention from the kids. They also help out the schools in other areas such as hosting dinners and teaching knife skills.

    To read the full article, which also includes ways to pack creative, healthy lunches and kid-friendly recipes, click here.

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