Build with Purpose | Build with Purpose President receives Veritas Award
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Build with Purpose President receives Veritas Award

Build with Purpose President receives Veritas Award

College Recognizes NJ Alum

Edison NJ (November 18, 2015) – The board and staff of Build with Purpose are extremely pleased to announce that Brian Keenan, President of Build with Purpose, has received the Veritas Medal from Molloy College.

Molloy College, located in Rockville Center, NY announced last month that Brian, Class of 1994, has been chosen to receive the Molloy College Veritas Medal, the highest honor the College President bestows on an alumnus, at this year’s Homecoming, Reunion, and Family Weekend.

The President of Molloy College, Dr. Drew Bogner, awards the Veritas Medal, and is given to an outstanding alumnus who has brought honor to their Alma Mater by generously giving their time, energy, finances and skills to share the Dominican search for truth with their colleagues and the citizens of their communities. Molloy College noted “Brian fulfills the criteria that have been established for this prestigious award. The Veritas Medal is a symbol of the pride Molloy College has in his accomplishments, which serve as an inspiration to all.”

Brian founded Build with Purpose in 2003 and the organization works to create positive social change through real estate development. Since its inception the organization has developed 30 schools in and around New Jersey and has created over 300 units of affordable housing. “The board and staff of Build with Purpose share the sentiments of Molloy College and we are grateful that his work which benefits so many has been recognized” said Cathy Syslo, Board President of Build with Purpose.

“It is really amazing that Molloy College recognized me. This year the school celebrates its 60th anniversary and the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Dominican Order. Every day the 21, 000 graduates of the school work to improve the lives of others both personally and professionally. I am really glad I bring pride to the school and to those who founded it and the order. I really am grateful to them for my education and the opportunities it has brought me. It is sincerely humbling that think that the opportunities I have today and this award are the result of the efforts others made over an 800 year span of time. I am a product of their legacy” said Brian.

About Build with Purpose

Since 2003, Build with Purpose has facilitated over $150 million in real estate development financing for more than 30 community organizations and has an established track record directly developing real estate, managing real estate projects for other nonprofits and bringing a variety of community real estate assets back to life. These projects have positively impacted over 8,000 people and helped to make the surrounding communities healthier and more vibrant. For more information about Build with Purpose visit

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