Build with Purpose | Mission, History & Values
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Mission, History & Values





To build sustainable organizations and healthy, vibrant communities.


Integrity and Honesty in Our Work.

As professionals, we believe in being accountable for our actions and commit to acting ethically both as individuals and as an organization.

A Culture of Mutual Respect and Openness.

We believe that collaboration and communication are essential in all of our actions.

Maintaining Our Resourcefulness.

We believe in the importance of innovation to meet our business objectives and the needs of our partners.

Striving for Continual Improvement.

We believe that Build with Purpose, our partners and our projects can always be better. As individuals and as an organization, we strive for continual improvement, the broadening of possibilities, and the realization of opportunities for growth.

Commitment to Excellence.

We are committed to producing work of the highest quality and ensuring that the Build with Purpose name is synonymous with excellence.

A Deep Belief in the Power of Partnership.

Our client-centered focus means that we are committed to giving back to our clients and their communities.


Founded in 2003 as Real Estate Advisory and Development Services (READS), we changed our name to Build with Purpose in 2011 to better represent the work we do.

Like many nonprofits, the initial idea for Build with Purpose came from a small group of committed individuals who saw a need for positive change. Noting a lack of knowledge in the development and financing of nonprofit facilities (i.e. schools, early care centers, health care facilities, etc.) in New Jersey, these individuals founded Build with Purpose with a focus on community facilities and commercial real estate. Originally sponsored by New Jersey Community Capital (NJCC), an industry leader in financing for community development projects in New Jersey, the initial intent for the organization was modest- to help nonprofit organizations seeking financing  from NJCC to better plan and implement their real estate projects. While these nonprofits were skilled at providing services to their communities, they found the prospect of developing their own real estate to be both strategically and financially difficult. Build with Purpose, then, was born out of the need to transfer real estate understanding to these nonprofit organizations. With this vision, it was the hope of Build with Purpose to facilitate quality projects that would have a lasting impact on the under served communities of New Jersey.

Since our first success as a real estate consultant for the Greater Brunswick Charter School, Build with Purpose has facilitated the development and financing of over fifty charter schools in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. Additionally, Build with Purpose has spearheaded the development and preservation of over 350 units of affordable housing in New Jersey and Delaware.  At the present time Build with Purpose is working to address the need for affordable senior and disabled care communities.  In 2013 Build with Purpose opened its first senior residence at St. Peter the Apostle where residents are provided long term affordable care including meals, recreation and medication management in a loving and homelike environment.


In 2016, Build with Purpose founded Capital with Purpose, an innovative nonprofit loan fund to assist with the early phase development costs for various community development projects. In the same year Build with Purpose began the development of three more affordable care communities in NJ.