Build with Purpose | About Us
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About Us

Founded in 2003, Build with Purpose is an innovative non-profit real estate company with a focus on community and economic development.

Nonprofit organizations with expertise in delivering social services also have to make important real estate decisions. Should they lease or purchase a facility? Can they grow in their current space or should they relocate to a larger facility? Can they afford what they want? Build with Purpose helps nonprofits that lack the real estate expertise to answer these questions to develop high-quality and financially sound real estate projects.

Using real estate as a catalyst for social change, Build with Purpose revitalizes communities through the redevelopment of vacant or underutilized buildings and land. Our projects include transforming warehouses into schools, renovating convents into affordable housing and turning abandoned urban lots into vibrant community space. By stabilizing vital community assets, our projects transform neighborhoods and provide long-term financial stability to our clients.